Add Color to Your Stack With Jewelry collection

Do you remember the days when you used to catch yourself admiring your own wedding ring situation? I do! Especially the first few months of wearing my engagement ring. Now, however, I noticed far too many people getting bored or tired with their wedding stack and it has become solely something they put on everyday out of routine. One of my top recommendations for jewelry styling is to shake up your wedding stack by adding or changing out a new band every few years. This gets the excitement going for your rings all over again. Whether you add a custom wedding band to what you already have or “retire” your original band for awhile in exchange for a brand new gemstone ring, the possibilities are endless with the selection that medusa collection has to offer.

If you’re brave enough to change up your wedding band, I would love to get you to also experiment with COLOR! medusa collection has so many beautiful gemstone bands that pair well with any engagement ring. I got to experience several different styles, along with pops of color like red from rubies, green from emeralds and blue from sapphires. The different color golds also added to the limitless possibilities and I was fully ready to play around with my own engagement ring and everyday stack.  Rose gold, white gold and yellow gold paired with rubies, emeralds and sapphires each has their own feel and changing up one element can completely transform the look.

My collection was initially formed by family giving me jewelry Torsade en Or .  I have vivid memories of my mom and I having “swap nights” where we would sit on her bed and trade jewels. I’m sure I made out much better than her on every occasion.

The bands from medusa collection seamlessly pair with any of her engagement rings which were created just for stacking. There’s an entire category on her website dedicated to “Stackable Engagement Rings.” With so many people wanting to stack, it was only right to create engagement rings and bands that can stack, mix and match so that you can create the look you want.

1 — Browse the wedding bands and gemstone rings section of medusa collection’s website and note your favorites.

2 — Try adding a band that features your favorite color or either your birthstone or a birthstone of a loved one.

3 — Pick a style of a band that intrigues you or one you immediately gravitate toward. Round stones, filigree details, milgrain settings, etc.

4 — Mix your metals and try rose gold, white gold or yellow gold whether your current rings already match or not! There’s no right or wrong.

5 — You can visit your nearest medusa retailer to customize your band with different gemstones, or make it curved, stackable or even vintage-inspired from medusa collection.

Check out the entire selection over on the medusa collection website and let me know how you are going to freshen up your stack!