Big London Theatre Shows On The Cheap

If you’re like most people, then you enjoy finding a bargain wherever you can. You probably watch out for sales and promotions at the shops around town and take advantage of great deals offered online for a multitude of things. Incredibly, though, many people who love the London theatre shows completely fail to scout for genuine deals on London shows and simply pay whatever price they are quoted by whichever booking agent they run across first.

This is a pity because there are a number of different ways to get cheap theatre tickets — easiest of all, by booking online.

Avoid The Theatre’s Reservation Line At All Costs

Despite the huge popularity of the Internet, many of us remain more comfortable simply picking up the phone to book tickets for London shows. This is especially true for those of us who’ve done it this way for years — why change our usual habits? The best reason to change the habit of a lifetime is to save a huge amount of money. Did you know that booking your tickets via phone directly through a London theatre’s reservation phone line can tack on £1 to £8 extra per ticket? You can save big and find cheap theatre tickets by booking online instead.

Traditional Booking Agents: Too Many Fees

In addition to calling a theatre’s direct reservations line, many people who frequent West End shows simply call up a traditional booking agent to ensure they get the tickets they need. Many of them wouldn’t do this, though, if they realized how much they could save by booking online. Traditional booking agents generally charge up to an extra 25% fee for every ticket you buy from them. The simple act of picking up the phone, then, means you’re paying 25% more than those who book online.

The Uncertainty Of Standby

If you’re willing to fly by the seat of your pants a bit, you can save serious money on tickets to many London shows by checking for standby tickets. With this arrangement, though, you must be willing to check at the last minute — and you must be prepared for the very real possibility that the tickets you want WON’T be yours in the end. By booking online, you can have your cake and eat it too: you can procure cheap theatre tickets that are booked well enough in advance so you can relax and enjoy yourself in the town.

Save Money — But Sacrifice Convenience?

A relatively well-known way to get cheap theatre tickets for people who live in London and the surrounding area is by visiting the TKTS Half-Price Theatre Ticket Booth in Leicester Square. The trouble with this arrangement, though, is convenience — or a lack of it. You can get tickets to popular London shows for incredibly reduced rates — without having to make the trek to Leicester Square and potentially standing in a long queue — by booking online. Those in the know always shop around online and book their theatre tickets this way. Why pay more than you have to?