Features of Sports in Online Slots

Often, progressing to additional rounds of the tournament takes you closer to the jackpot, or at least closer to bonus rounds where you can win additional money on your spin. The mechanics of the slots remain broadly unchanged, save for any specific bonuses or features built in to make the experience more realistic.

Beyond football, there are also slots that draw on themes from boxing, golf, motor racing, horse racing, and a range of other sports. It’s no coincidence that gambling fans tend to be huge sports fans too – the two go hand in hand. With slots inspired by leading sports, casinos and game developers have jumped on this opportunity, and in the process created games that are loved by slots, and sports, fans worldwide.

Aside from wrestling’s Andre the Giant and fictional boxing’s Rocky Balboa, there remains a surprising dearth of slots based on sporting heros. For those looking for inspiration for future games, licensing deals with individual sports stars could be another route to creating some more enthralling sports-based slots. In the same way as individual musicians, bands, and other high profile celebrities have leant their names to slots titles, there’s no reason why the same couldn’t apply to major football, basketball, golf and tennis stars in the future.

Andy Murray slots Royal online anyone? Or how about Rory McIlroy’s Golf Madness? There’s no doubt potential for games developers to work with sporting stars to create a new generation of slots games, and further service the synergies between professional sports and online slots games.
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