To go out at night or in the late afternoon, it is worth visiting the center of Porto de Galinhas. This is a very nice place to walk and snack in the very relaxing bars and restaurants there.What do you mean what to do in Porto de Galinhas? Beach, sun, sea and to rest, swimming pool, coconut water and cold church. It is the perfect package to do in Porto de Galinhas !!! Well, if you are going to Porto de Galinhas for the first time, you may need some tips here. Today’s post is to help anyone who wants tips on what to do in Porto de Galinhas and make the most of this well-deserved vacation in northeastern Brazil! Let’s go!

During the weekends it will be easier to have movement, or at least bars with live music and cold beer to refresh.Porto de Galinhas is south of Recife, about 1 hour by car from the capital. Here on the map you can see very well that the beach is close to Ipojuca, which is the municipality in which Porto de Galinhas is part.

A little further from Porto de Galinhas, about 1 hour south is Praia dos Carneiros Beach. This is another beach well recommended by the region, also with crystal clear waters, natural pools and a good infrastructure during the high season.

I talked about Carneiros and Tamandaré Beach in this post here. You can see a video about the catamaran ride we did there at this link here . It is the favorite beach of many people who know the Pernambuco coast, because the beauty is really indescribable! Worth knowing.

Well, my hotel recommendation This hotel has a good infrastructure, several swimming pools, a massage room, sports courts and a playground for children.This hotel is right in front of Muro Alto beach, so if you just want to stay at the hotel beach, it’s also a great option.

If you want to just relax in the hotel and the hotel pool, lie in the hammock, have a capirinha and eat good food like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t have to say that this is the best place.Praias de Porto de galinhas – Brazil

Well, as always, in the northeast the high season is in summer. From mid-December until shortly after Carnival is when things are boiling over there (literally!).

So if you want a city break during this period, I recommend that you plan ahead. March and November are good times to visit the city. That’s because it doesn’t rain so much and the prices are a little cheaper than in high season.

Between April and October the city will be much quieter, but you risk not-so-beautiful days. Even with rain, it’s always hot there.

Take repellent and abuse it! The region is a high risk zone for Dengue and Zica, so be careful. And finally, use merciless sunscreen. The sun catches strong there.

It is the perfect place for couples of all ages, groups of friends and families.