The Gift Card Project – A National Effort to Help the Homeless

The Gift Card Project – A national effort to help the homeless. The homeless are searching for the means to survive the bleak economy and unemployment numbers are rising. When a homeless person receives a gift card, it could be more than just a gift, it could be their only form of payment to survive.

One Gift Card Project – Santa Barbara has a Gift Card Program. It gives out thousands of gift cards every year to local businesses who donate to the program. They are happy to give them out because the program helps the community.

American Style – A New York based organization is helping provide monetary assistance to families in the South Bronx by building homes for the family. It offers a variety of housing options to residents and is helping build a stronger family unit.

Go Green – This organization is committed to finding the perfect gift for someone who needs it most. A college student in Oregon recently received a college grant to help pay her college tuition and she was able to complete her degree in four years.

The Gift Card Project – A national effort to help the homeless. It is also a money making opportunity.

They provide financial aid to students. One of their greatest successes was helping a college student and her mother to pay her tuition.

The Gift Card Project is also helping elderly people pay for their house or apartment. Many seniors live in high rises and are stuck. They would have to move in order to find a job and so there is less mobility for seniors in an assisted living community.

One of the challenges that the Card Project faces is promoting their service to the community. They need to advertise their organization and to increase the number of volunteers. One way they do this is by holding fundraisers.

The Gift Card Project is able to raise money from such events as a college student receiving a grant and selling the gift card. There are many different individuals that enjoy such events. People that have never met the recipients will come to donate their time and supplies.

Another idea is a Card Project in the shopping center. They try to hold an event once a month at a mall or an area that has more than one store. This way the Card Project can promote their service and also increases the awareness of the service and get the word out.

When you consider all of the opportunities, it makes it seem that the Gift Card Project could be a national service in itself. It seems like there could be an abundance of income for these organizations. But unfortunately, they are more concerned with raising money for themselves than they are helping the needy.

If you are interested in helping the homeless, the Gift Card Project could be a great start. You may also want to think about other charity based programs to help.