Ella Sri Lanka – A Most Beautiful and Attractive Town

Ella, located at the middle of the Red Sea coast in the Island Province of Balikpapan, is a most beautiful and attractive town that is also the capital of the Province of Bangka. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in the country. With its wide range of attractions, the town is indeed one of the best places to stay in during your visit to the island. The picturesque red sand beaches, crystal clear water and the magnificent buildings all together make this a wonderful place to visit.

The rich history of the region has attracted tourists from far and wide, because of the amazing rock formations and the unique architecture that made it one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in the country. Ella Rock and the ocean in the south make this city one of the most exciting places to visit.

Since the rocks here are rich in minerals, tourist and their sightseeing tours are strongly recommended. Here you can explore the rock formations of Ella Island and the neighboring islands, which are another reason why people from all over the world come here.

So if you are planning for an Ella Sri Lanka Tourist Holiday, make sure you check into all the tourist spots and tour operators. You can visit several of the historical sites here and do the sightseeing tours that are arranged by the tourist operators. There are quite a few opportunities for sightseeing during your stay in Ella. Visit the churches and temples and see the interesting old buildings in the town.

For a day trip, you can try to visit the rock formations that are found on the hill above the town. They are some of the biggest rocks in the whole island. While you are there, do enjoy the sea views and the sunsets.

After you have experienced the wonderful sand and sea view, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) at the nearby Luis Johnson Street. This building is truly worth visiting and will add charm to your Ella Tourist Holiday.

If you are seeking for great cultural experiences, there are many concerts, performances and other events that take place in the beach area near the town. You can visit the Little Atlantis Carnival which is organized every year on Ella beach.

You can visit Ella’s aquarium, where you can visit the marine creatures of the world that you can learn more about during your trip to Ella. You can also buy a book from the shop or read it while watching the amazing fish swim about.

Apart from the numerous sightseeing opportunities in Ella, there are various restaurants to eat in the town. One of the most famous spots for dining is the Bangka Thai Restaurant. If you want to experience a real taste of Asian cuisines, go for this place where you can enjoy some authentic Thai food.

Visit the Bangka Thai Restaurant if you want to enjoy some authentic and delicious Thai food. There are several other wonderful restaurants to visit in the town as well.

The town of Ella offers much more than just the beaches and rock formations. There are plenty of other activities to take part in and you can visit the other tourist spots to relax and enjoy.