How to Use the Google Scraper

Google Scraper is a very useful desktop application tool which enables you to scrap information from search engines like Google and Bing instantly. It helps you search an unlimited number of keywords and also allows you to check Moz DA, PA and MSN for every keyword entered. You can either use the desktop version or the mobile version of the tool which is based on the Google Apps platform. The Google Scraper tool is not affiliated or associated in any way with Google Inc. You are permitted to download and use this application in your personal computer for personal use only.

Keyword discovery is the first step of any search engine scraper. Once you have typed in a keyword then you will get an overview of all the related matches along with a short description of each of them. The next step would be to view the full URL of each of the matches. The Google Scraper displays a progress graph and a progress bar indicating how many keyword searches are available. If the keyword is not available in the scraper then the search engine scraper offers to suggest similar keyword terms which might be relevant.

Once you have searched for a relevant keyword, the google scraper creates a summary of all the related matches and a list of synonyms. Synonyms are words or phrases that might be appropriate when the search query is about the same topic or domain. For example, you might have used ‘cupcakes’ when searching for information on cupcakes but it would turn up as ‘hot dog’ if you had used something like ‘chocolate cake’ in your search queries. The Google Scraper uses the word or phrase you provide as the source keyword and compares it with all the other available sources. If it finds a match, it alerts you by displaying an alert. You can then choose to ‘follow’ or ‘cancel’ the alert which will allow you to ignore the alert.

The Google Scraper has been developed by three web designers who have a great deal of experience in the design and development of Internet marketing tools such as web scrapers. It is an extremely powerful scrapbooking tool and a must-have for anyone interested in building backlinks to their website or blog. Web scrapers work much like desktop computers because you can run multiple search queries simultaneously. Each individual query runs separately and, if anything goes wrong, you simply restart the application where you last completed your search. The octoparse web scraper enables you to run a custom scraper against any language or platform and generate search results in just a few seconds.

The octoparse scraper works in conjunction with the Google search engines. When you use the Google Scraper, you enter a query that is unique to your site. You specify the search phrases or keywords relevant to your website and the scraper then searches the urls that are indexed by the search engines. The scraper will then return the best matches based on your input and the keyword phrase used by the search engine. The girls returned will include both the absolute and relative URLs and the page rank of the website.

The Google Scraper supports two methods of data output: text and bar. The text output method is the most compatible with common computer applications and browsers. The text format is highly recommended for all websites that intend to provide more information than a simple web browser. In addition to the text format, the Google Scraper also provides data in the form of graphs and heat maps. The Google Scraper works well with most versions of the popular internet browser including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and many others.