What Are the Google Keyword Ranking API and How Can It Help You?

The Google Keyword Ranking API, otherwise known as the Google Keyword Positioning API, is a special internet application that is used by search engine optimization professionals all over the world to access the internal ranking algorithm of Google. This information is needed in order to correctly analyse and target keywords for SEO campaigns and PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. For example, if a search campaign is being run on a particular set of keywords, and the search results show that majority of the searches have been targeted on this particular set of keywords, then it is highly likely that the search engine optimised campaign is going to be successful. This is because the majority of users searching on Google are looking for a solution to their problem or concern, as opposed to searching for information, which is what the competitor’s search engines are primarily focused on. Google’s Keyword Positioning API provides the necessary insight into this aspect of the search engine optimization game.

If you have a Google AdWords account or already have a Google AdWords account, then the Google Keyword Ranking API makes it very easy for you to research the keywords that are performing well and identify their weaknesses. It makes it extremely easy for you to identify keywords that you can drop from your campaigns and focus your resources on improving these keywords. As well as identifying the keywords which you should be focusing on, it also makes it easy for you to track the keywords and adverts which are performing below your expectations. This can prove to be very helpful once the time to re-target these keywords come around.

When using the google keyword ranking api to identify a keyword’s strength, it is important not to immediately make it a keyword which you intend to use in an advert. Instead, you should conduct a little research on the keyword to see if there are any negative aspects which may affect its growth. This will allow you to determine whether the potential client is looking for a better solution than the one you are currently providing. For example, if a particular keyword appears to be about repairing a dent, but people are searching for information on how to fix dents, then you will know that potential customers are specifically looking for a different solution. You will then need to target this keyword with relative ease in order to maximise the conversion rate.

Another good thing about the Google Keyword Ranking API is the fact that you are able to view your keyword’s position in terms of position 6 in search results. This means that you can identify keywords that are performing well and work on ways to improve these keywords. There are a number of tools which are available for this purpose, such as the Google AdWords Keyword Rank Tracker tool. Once you have this tool, you can analyze all the information provided and identify keywords which you can use to further boost your conversion rates. You can then use this tool effectively to ensure that you always rank well for the selected keyword.

The final benefit to using the Google Keyword Ranking API is that it allows you to see your competitors activities. You can check out the keywords they are ranking for, as well as seeing their activity levels and traffic. You will also get to view competitor websites and learn about their websites, which you might otherwise not get to know.

It’s important to remember that Google Keyword Ranking API does not automatically give you a high ranking. It will only help you identify keywords that you can optimise well. This is vital because you need to spend time to rank well in Google in order to enjoy success online. You will find the Google Keyword Ranking API a valuable resource once you get to know it better.