What Are the Keywords That Are Included With the Keyword Ranking API?

The Keyword Ranking API or the Bing Webmaster Tools is a wonderful service that enables you to easily and effectively access the information you need about your targeted keywords. The API provides several different methods for ranking your keywords as well as giving you access to several different databases. Below are some of the key features of the Keyword Ranking API:

Instant Result – You will receive instant results in a matter of minutes after registering. There are several different ways you can utilize the Keyword Ranking API and each of them are capable of providing you with instant keyword ranking results. The first way to utilize the Keyword Ranking API is through the ‘get dashboard’ option which is located on the homepage. This option requires you to fill in a few fields and after hitting the submit button, you are provided with the dashboard. This dashboard contains a number of different tabs, each one corresponding to a specific keyword. The following section below provides a summary of the various results returned by the various dashboards.

Fastest Way to Measure Keywords – You are provided with four options that allow you to compare your keywords against all of the other keywords in your database. The time it takes to locate the right keywords and compare them against all of the others is calculated into seconds. This saves you precious time that you would otherwise spend running around looking for the right parameters to utilize.

Unlimited Resources – There are a total of seven different ways you can use the keyword ranking api. You are provided with the option of setting up one webpage, allowing you to have an unlimited amount of keyword information from all seven of the Bing search results. You are also provided with one endpoint example. This one webpage is used as the “homepage” for your keyword tracking. This one webpage displays all of the information you need in order to quickly locate and manage the various apis.

Create and Manage Subscribers – The Bing Webmaster Tools provides you with the ability to create and manage subscribers. You have the ability to manage the keywords that are being used to describe your site. The various options that are available to allow you to create different formats that make it easy to add a subscription option to your site. You have the ability to have the subscription option available for all of the Bing webmaster tools that are included with your site or can only be accessed via the URL that is assigned to your account. You have also the option to select the different Bing submits and how often you would like the site to be checked.

The above information was just released and is being presented to you to assist you in determining whether or not the Keyword Ranking API is the right program for you. If you would like to have additional information, there are a number of excellent websites that provide you with step by step guides that will help you in making the best decision. By using the Keyword Ranking API, you will be able to access a wealth of information that will ultimately assist you in developing and creating the best website possible. Once your site has been properly optimized with the Keyword Ranking API, you will find that your company is seen in a whole new light as more people begin to visit your site and increase the volume of business that you experience.